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Information for Idaho Communities

If you live in Idaho, you might have noticed that your state does not have an association...YET! Never fear. You are more than welcome to join Utah Odyssey of the Mind.

By registering your teams for the Utah State Tournament, your teams will receive all the same support from Utah Odyssey of the Mind as the teams from Utah. You will be placed into the tournament schedule just like the rest of the registered teams.

The only difference is that for World Finals eligibility, your teams will only compete against other teams from your state in your problem and division (meaning that there is a very high possibility that you would be able to move right onto World Finals because there aren't other teams from your state to compete against.) You will still receive scores to see how your team did relative to the other teams in the entire tournament.

For more information, please follow all of the steps listed for Utah teams. If you need help, please don't hesitate to contact us.