Creative Problem Solving

Volunteer Opportunities

TOURNAMENT JUDGES: It takes almost 60 judges to have a successful tournament! Whether you are representing a team, or just looking for a great volunteer opportunity, judging is always full of fun.
Judges must:

  1. Be 18 or older.
  2. Be able to attend a judges training starting at 7AM on March 23rd at Ben Lomond High School in Ogden.
  3. Be able to attend the entire tournament day March 23rd at Ben Lomond High School in Ogden.
  4. Love watching students express their creativity.

*** Judges will not be able to leave their position to watch a child perform and will not be assigned in any room where their child is performing.

Judges Register Here

TOURNAMENT ASSISTANTS: In addition to judges, it takes many other people to run a successful tournament. These Tournament Assistant positions are perfect for parents and teenage siblings that want to see their children perform. The positions range from checking in volunteers, sales, and the Creativity Festival. These positions work in shifts from 2-3 hours long.

*** These are perfect positions for parents as they can be scheduled around children's performance times.