Your role as a coach is to not be the expert in the team's problem. In fact it is often better not to be an expert because there is always a risk of outside assistance. Your role is facilitate creative problem solving, teambuilding, and brainstorming; teach kids how to manage a project or learn basic skills such as building concepts, theatrical principles, artistic qualities, etc. We encourage you to bring in outside experts (parents, teachers, etc) to help teach some of these skills or to take “field trips”.

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Coaches' Training
All Coaches (one per team) are required to complete the Coaches Training. New Utah Coaches will attend a four- hour training session and returning coaches will attend a two-hour session. For information about training dates and locations, please visit our calendar.

In-person trainings will include an introduction to the competition components for new coaches (Long-term, Style, and Spontaneous). In addition, trainings will include sessions on team/ discipline management, prop building, and technical aspects. 

In addition, there is a secure Coaches' Website (you will gain access upon completion of the in-person training) which will have several resources and guides to assist you along the way.
Please sign up for a coaches' training using the link here.
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